DreamBuilding for Artists


October 5-26, 2020


A four-week, cohort style online course designed for artists in all fields to dive deeper into the creative process and set effective goals. It is important for artists to develop and create a vision for their life and their work, create an established value for the work they do and create, and have systems of support that they understand in order to support the work they’re creating.


Participants will:

Learn to name and claim their value as artists

Develop a vision

Fine-tune their personal and professional goals

Have an accountability group,

Develop structures of support that are specific to the art they want to make in the world and the lives they want to live

Define what success means for them


“Inspiration plus action equals art.” – Christal Brown


(Limited to 10 participants)



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DreamBuilding for Educators


NOVEMBER 3-24, 2020


Educators face the daunting task of inspiring the desire to dream and grow. This four-week, cohort style online course is an investigation for educators who want to continue to develop their own dreams alongside their students, get a deeper understanding of who they are and why they educate, be clear about their passion and purpose inside and outside classroom, and merge tools of self-development as a way of translating the experience of education. This course also gives educators the opportunity to be students.


Participants will:

Hone in on their personal vision  

Develop tools for creation and sustainability  

Train the mind for expansion and health  

Practice rituals that serve holistic growth  

Leave inspired to impact the lives of others through authentic action


“The content of our lives is the curriculum for our evolution” – Mary Morrissey


(Limited to 20 participants)



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DreamBuilding for Believers


November 9-30, 2020


This four-week, cohort style online course is designed for faith practitioners and those who are interested in developing a faith practice, creating sustainable rituals for their lives, building a faith consciousness that requires active participation rather than passive reaction, and developing rituals to awaken to purpose.


Participants will:

Learn how to connect deeper with their faith and spirituality

Delve into their dreams for the future

Learn techniques for letting negative thoughts pass

Incorporate faith and spirituality into daily living

Developing alignment with their purposes, passions, and lifepaths


Faith in action transforms process into purpose. – Christal Brown


(Limited to 20 participants)



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What Clients Say

"Christal is one of the most authentic phenomenal people I have ever met."



Caitlin Mahon

Professor, Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee 

"Christal is an inspiration as a dynamic engaged and passionate leader and entrepreneur who knows how to get the best out of others"


Marriette Wharton

Managing Director Change Agent Partner

"Christal is a brilliant and embodied artist, and to know her is to seek to be the same - living in truth, living in creativity, and following a path of self and community discovery."

Mary McCarthy

Higher Education Administrator

"Christal is an exceptional coach. The course was very well-paced, the information and homework were easy to follow and understand, and her teaching style was very welcoming. She was very present with each one of us. Each person knew that she/he was heard, understood, and supported. "



Juan Johnson

Makeup Artists, DreamBuilding for Artists Attendee

"I now feel more confident in naming and claiming my value as an artist and creator, as well as more focused and specific in the way that I choose to shape my personal and professional goals. I have a clearer idea of the sorts of structural adjustments I can make to my routines and daily life that will help me position myself to live from my vision already and grow outwardly, instead of in constant pursuit of it."


Mike Nunziante

Musician, DreamBuilding for Artists Attendee

"It’s was so refreshing to have the flexibility in the conversations tailored to our cultural understanding. Coach Christal’s style of teaching is so spirit filled and insightful. The depth at which she listens and synthesizes is incredibly inspiring. It was an honor to work with Coach Christal. "

Ricarrdo Valentine & Orlando Zane Hunter, Jr.

Interdisciplinary Dancers at Brother(hood) Dance!